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Seldom Noticed Hinges Are Helping You Every Day

When people hear the word hinges, they automatically think of the standard kitchen cabinet hinges. While integral to a properly functioning home, cabinet hinges do not, in fact, have a monopoly on the term. If you look around, you will see hinges all over your house being used in a variety of ways every day. Here are a few less obvious places where we rely on good old hinges to help us out.

In The Bedroom: Look around your bedroom. What do you see? You probably say a bed, a chest of drawers, various decorative items (a pile of laundry, shhhh). What you don't notice, though, are the small details that are making your life easier on a daily basis. For example, do you have a closet? Butt hinges are keeping a standard door in place and functioning, while folding closet doors will have double acting hinges.

A child's bedroom will probably have a toy box. The lid needs a solid lid support hinge to keep playing safe and tear-free. Smaller closet doors such as ones attached to a loft bed will often employ double demountable hinges for ease of use and durability or concealed hinges for seamless appearance. Does your darling daughter have a dollhouse that she loves? All those moving parts require miniature dollhouse hinges to open and close. Finally, from little girls to silver-streaked matriarchs, women love their jewelry boxes. A small continuous hinge will keep your special gems safe and sound.

Butt Hinge
Butt Hinge
In The Kitchen: A kitchen also has plenty of hidden hinges to speak of. Do you have a charming nook table or kitchen island counter with a fold down extension? These convenient additions are usually held on and functioning thanks to small butler tray hinges. Corner cabinet doors that swing out work with pivot hinges. In some areas, it is a safety regulation to have plastic electrical outlet and light switch covers in bathrooms and kitchens. This is to ensure that water, steam and other moisture don't enter the electrical wiring inadvertently. These small but important safety measures are made possible by spring loaded pin hinges. H Hinge
H Hinge

In The Office: Small desk cabinets can use standard cabinet hinges for a more impressive look, but single demountable hinges can work without the frills.

In The Dining room/Den: If you have a breakfront or china cabinet with a pull down door (such as a bar cabinet), you'll appreciate heavy-duty piano hinges. Other doors on these cabinets can also incorporate unique or specialized cabinet hinges as well.

In The Living room: Living room shutters use shutter hinges ranging in size, shape and thickness according to the style, weight and size of your shutters. (*Really this one is not room specific. Many homes have attractive shutters on all the windows, especially in the front of the house, for an added decor dimension.)

Strap Hinge
Strap Hinge
They're Even Outside: Garden doors, gates or shed doors employ T hinges or strap hinges to support and evenly distribute the weight of the doors. Colonial hinges have the style and stature that work well for these doors. Be sure to consider door weight, height and thickness when choosing a strap hinge. Use heavier piano hinges for large storage boxes that you keep in your garage or garden.

Isn't it amazing how such a small item can be so abundant around our homes without being given a second thought? So the next time you are using one of your everyday items, stop and give due attention to these unsung heroes of household hardware. Thank you cabinet hinges.

Did you know?

  • Car doors and appliances use only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) service parts. Don't get funny; it's not worth the initial cash savings.
  • Suitcases and briefcases use what is called a case hinge, which is basically a decorative butt hinge.
  • While there are standard issue hinges for most uses, you can almost always install decorative hinges to make the piece more attractive, not just your run of the mill furniture item. Ornate H hinges, butt hinges or single demountable hinges can be used in many situations around the house. So, how will you spice up your life with some attractive cabinet hinges today?


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