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Discover The Top 4 Cabinet Hinge Finishes

While cabinet hinges may seem like just a piece of hidden hardware, that is simply not the case. More often then not cabinet hinges can be seen and the finish you have will make a difference in your overall home decor. That is why we are going to give you the 4 most popular finishes for cabinet hinges and how to choose the one that is right for you.

Iron Strap Hinges

Iron Strap Hinges
  1. Brass: Brass is a bright shiny look that brings out the most no matter where it is placed. Brass cabinet hinges often remind us of the hinges placed on a toy box, or a cedar chest designed to hold blankets. Every time you see brass cabinet hinges on the outside of your favorite piece of furniture they will make you think of a nice shiny present waiting to be opened; just like when you used to open that toy box every day to dig out the treasures inside.

  2. Bronze: Bronze cabinet hinges are perfect for areas where you want to add some sophistication. Add bronze cabinet hinges to kitchen cabinets and match them with bronze cabinet hardware and bronze appliance pulls. If you're someone who likes to coordinate everything right down to the color of your toes, you will love the way bronze cabinet hinges pull your kitchen ensemble together in an absolute style.

  3. Chrome: Chrome cabinet hinges are another popular choice for the kitchen. But because of their dazzling style, they are also great for creating a sizzling affect in the bathroom. Chrome has a way of bringing everything around it to life. Use chrome cabinet hinges to coordinate bathroom cabinet hardware and bathroom hardware and watch your powder room sparkle without even turning on the lights!

  4. Iron: Iron is the perfect addition to your workshop cabinets. Particularly if you use iron strap cabinet hinges. These iron cabinet hinges not only keep your cabinets together, but they add the essence of what a workshop is supposed to be. A place of work, fun and a little bit of mystery to those who are not tool savvy. Bring back days gone by when the tools of the trade were hot fire and a metal forge with iron strap cabinet hinges.

Brass Cabinet Hinges
Brass Cabinet Hinges
As you can see, not all hinges are the same and each finish brings out something new in your home. Whether you are updating one room or many, you will be amazed at how this small, inexpensive addition changes the look of your home in no time at all. If you are ready for a change, order your cabinet hinges today and for just a bit of pocket change get a million dollar make over in minutes.


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