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Matching Cabinet Hinges & Door Types

When purchasing hinges, it's certainly important to get the best type of hinges for your needs. Consumers are often confused about exactly which hinges they need for their particular cabinet types. Should they purchase inset hinges or offset hinges? Do they need an overlay hinge or a piano hinge? Here, we explain, based on the type of cabinet doors that you have, which hinge selection would be best for your renovation.

¾” Inset Hinge

Cabinet Doors

There are four basic ways that cabinet doors can be hung. When the door is larger than the opening, it ''lays over'' the opening and is called an Overlay. When the door fits exactly in the opening and is flush with the cabinet surface, it's called a Full Inset. An Inset is when part of the door is inset into the opening, but part of it overlays the opening. Finally, an Offset is similar to an Inset, but the hinge is surface mounted and completely visible.

Installing Hinges on Overlay Doors

Certainly, there are many cabinet hinges that can be used for each door type. Here, we recommend a few types of hinges for each door type. As one would assume, an overlay hinge is the best type to use for overlay doors. The overlay dimension that is needed is measured from the edge of the cabinet opening to the edge of the cabinet door when it is in a closed position on the cabinet. Common overlay hinge dimensions include the 1/4'', 3/8'', and 1/2'' overlay hinges.

Installing Hinges on Full Inset Doors

Full inset doors are necessary when the door of the cabinet butts up against the edge of the cabinet opening. When this happens, the door needs to lay flush against the surface of the cabinet face. In this situation there are two main cabinet hinge options. You can either use butt hinges or surface mounted cabinet hinges.

Installing Hinges on Partial Inset Doors

For partial inset doors, the most widely used choice is the 3/8'' inset hinge. During the 1950s and 1960s other hinge dimensions were used, including 1/2'' inset, 5/8'' inset and 3/4'' inset hinges. These are rarely used today and are much more difficult to find than are the 3/8'' inset hinges.

Installing Hinges on Offset Doors

Similar to the partial inset doors, the 3/8'' hinges are the best ones to use on the offset doors. Of course, these need to be 3/8'' offset hinges, rather than the 3/8'' inset hinges used for the partial inset doors.

Selecting the right cabinet hinge types based on the cabinet door requirements will make your installation job that much easier. Use this guide to find the right hinges for your project, and finish the job quickly, efficiently, and accurately today!

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